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  • Sidekick Partner Amy

    My Sidekick – A Short Film

    A short put together by Snowflake Studios as an early project leading into additional movie production. It features two individuals and their sidekicks going about their daily routines. If you enjoy this feature “My Sidekick” …

  • 578171_409882375718375_2144549625_n

    Humane Society Roof

    This video was not selected by the Humane Society of Central Illinois, who went with our Animal Care Video instead  for their fund-a-need video.  However, we are very proud of this video, not the least …

  • Moby Outside July 26, 2013 (1)

    Moby – Humane Society

    The Humane Society of Central Illinois commissioned this video to let their supporters get to know some of the many animals their previous contributions have gone to help.  This video features Moby the dog and …

  • Animal Wellness

    Animal Wellness

    This Animal Wellness video debuted at the Humane Society of Central Illinois’ dinner and auction in May for their Fund-a-Need.  Snowflake Studios is proud to say that the video helped earn $36,000 for the Humane …

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